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Mustafa O.
نشط : منذ يوم

نبذة عني

إسمي : مصطفي عوده/خريج كليه الحقوق لسنه ٢٠٢٠م ومرفق بالاسفل نبذه مختصره عن ما اقوم به في مجال البرمجه والسوفتوير.. I’m an key account manager at Transship Technology, one of the fastest Partner Zoho In Egypt& Mideel East ⯑ I am confident, driven and proactive looking to offer long term prospects and the opportunity to add value and make a positive impact. I am able to bring my degree knowledge and diverse experience in account management, project management, customers, and operations. ⯑ A flexible team player and a strong leader that focuses on collaborating efficiently and not just on outcomes. I am an energetic character who believes in fostering a creative nature to stand out. ________________________ My Expertise in Customer-Centric Strategies and Cloud Migration ⯑ Years of building relationships, driving growth, and empowering businesses have shaped my expertise in the dynamic realm of customer Relationship Management. As an Account Manager, I have mastered the art of navigating the intricate world of Zoho One, orchestrating its powerful modules to cultivate a thriving customer experience. ⯑ Zoho CRM is my canvas, where I paint vibrant pictures of personalized engagement. As a Zoho CRM Administrator, I wield its tools with finesse, crafting custom configurations, automating workflows, and generating insightful reports to fuel data-driven decisions. My passion lies in unlocking the potential of Zoho One for businesses of all sizes, helping them streamline operations, boosting productivity, and forging lasting customer connections. But my talents extend beyond CRM. I am a seasoned advocate of the transformative power of cloud migration. I possess the skill to convincingly articulate the advantages of moving to the cloud, from enhanced security and scalability to cost efficiency and disaster recovery. I can demystify the technical complexities and paint a clear picture of the synergies between Zoho One and cloud platforms, paving the way for seamless digital journeys. ⯑ More than just an expert, I'm a passionate facilitator, an enthusiastic collaborator, and a trusted advisor. My greatest fulfillment comes from witnessing business flourishing, and I look forward to leveraging my skills to empower your company's next chapter on growth and success. ⯑ This is just the beginning of your story. Let us collaborate and write the next section.


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